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Dog Boarding FAQ

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding or dog kennels are a place where your dog is temporarily housed for a fee. Often these services are required when owners are unable to house their dog at their own location, due to the owners going on holiday or moving home.

Choosing the right boarding kennel for your dog is an important decision, so making sure you have all the information possible will ensure you make the right choice. You’ll want to know if the boarding kennel is clean, well maintained and that the staff is trained to handle all situations. The boarding kennel staff will be happy to provide you with this information and answer any questions you may have, giving you the piece of mind when boarding your dog.

Here are some questions to ask when boarding a dog at a boarding kennel.

What if my dog requires medication?

The staff at dog kennels can often continue your pet’s treatment as per your instructions, however you will need to check this with your dog kennel before booking.

Will dog kennels allow me to bring my own pet food?

A majority of dog kennels will allow you to bring your own pet food.

Will my dog get time to play outside?

Dog boarding kennels often have outside areas where dogs are allowed to run and play with other dogs. If you are worried that your pet won’t spend enough time outside, most dog kennels allow you to inspect their premise before booking to see their facilities.

Can I tour the dog kennel before I make a booking?

As mentioned above, most dog kennels will allow you to tour their premises before booking, allowing you to see their facilities.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated before it can stay at a dog kennel?

Yes, your pet will need to be vaccinated before it can stay at a dog kennel. Each dog boarding kennel will have a list of required vaccinations your dog must have before it will be allowed entry to their kennel.

Are the staff trained?

Most boarding kennel staff will be trained to handle dogs of all types & sizes, but it’s always good to ask what kind of training the staff have had.

How do I find dog boarding in my area?

To find dog boarding kennels in your area, use the directory search tool located at the top of this page to select your suburb and find dog kennels in your selected area.