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Cat Boarding FAQ

What is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding (more commonly known as Catteries) are where cats are housed temporarily when they cannot stay at the their owner’s home. They are mostly used by owners who have gone on holiday, are moving houses or when their house is being renovated.

Choosing the right cattery for your cat is important, so making sure you have all the information available will ensure you make the right decision. You’ll want to know if the cattery is clean, well maintained and that the staff is trained to handle all situations. The cattery staff will be happy to provide you with this information and answer any questions you may have, making sure you are as comfortable as possible when boarding your cat.

Here are some questions to ask when boarding a cat at a cattery.

What if my cat has special dietary requirements?

If your pet has special dietary requirements, often catteries will allow you to bring your own food when dropping your pet off. However it’s best to check with the cattery before booking your cat in.

My cat requires special medication, can the cattery administer this?

Catteries will be able to continue your cats treatment if instructed, however this will need to be discussed with the cattery to see if they can accommodate your pets treatment needs.

Can I take a look at the cattery before making a booking?

A majority of catteries will allow you to come and inspect their accommodation services before you book your pet in.

What is the daily routine?

Each cattery is different, so knowing what the daily routine they have planned for your cat during their stay is important. When is feeding time, when will the cats play and when are the cats monitored are just some of the questions to ask the cattery staff.

How often is the cattery cleaned?

Making sure the cattery is cleaned often is critical to maintain the health & happiness of your cat during their stay.

How can I find catteries in my area?

To find catteries in your area, use our directory search tool at the top of this page to select your suburb and view catteries in your selected area.